Lil Red Slots

Lil Red slots is a machines game created by WMS that takes a unique look at the classic children's tale of little red riding hood. The game isn't all fairytales, however, as it features a never before seen mega wheel. This isn't even the main wheel, but it will take up 1/3 of the screen during your playtime. The regular wheel is a typical 5×4 reel with a few features thrown in for good measure. The backdrop for the game is Granny's house, which is very fitting. Furthermore, those looking for a sexier take on the story will enjoy that Lil Red Riding hood isn't so little and is all dolled up in nice clothing. The little things make games like this fun, and the fan service here just needs to be applauded. This isn't the little Red Riding hood that your parents grew up on. Another thing that people will probably appreciate about this game is how transparent it is from the very beginning. Not only is that evident by how the interactive meter at the bottom tells you how much you are betting, but also by the detailed instructions of the game on the bottom left of the screen.

Loving the betting range with Lil Red Slots

You got the nice little story, a very beguiling Little Red Riding hood, and a giant wheel that helps you win more! What else could possibly make a game like this any better? That question is answered when you check out the minimum and maximum bet allowed for this game. The machine is very generous, allowing for a minimum of 0.50 cents to a maximum of $100 per spin. That's a lot of free range, and those looking to live on the wild side will appreciate this option. They probably won't enjoy that there is no concrete way to tell what the jackpot for the game is. That element is left out of the instructions, which just describes six free spins and your original bet multiplied by 50. They don't call it a jackpot, making it a little confusing. Despite that, the game is still a great way to live on the wild side. It also offers the option of being conservative if you like. Again, no jackpot, but a lot of transparency. Oh, and some fun features thrown in.

The features that make Lil Red fun

The fun of Lil red rests in its features and starts with those all-important free spins! You can get these by getting three or more scatters on a spin; if you do, the world starts opening up to you in unique ways. This is the aforementioned mode where you can win that unnamed jackpot of six free spins and 50x your max bet. For example, if you go all in and win, you come home with an excellent $5000. Not as much as other jackpots, but a nice little chunk of change to make in a day. The more scatters you get, the more free spins and multipliers you get. They are fun to chase for a few hours, but the setting can become tiring.

Final Thoughts on Lil Red slots

There are people that are going to enjoy this game, and there are people that won't. The game already has a divided score on its page, and it comes down to what you look for. If you want something visually stunning and the next immersive experience, maybe save this one for another time. If you are looking for a jackpot and some fun features, you will probably like Lil Red. Unfortunately for the game, though, their non-disclosed jackpot and grating graphics make it a mid-tier at best. The game is nothing stunning visually and has objects seemingly scattered at random on the screen. Even the giant wheel gets old after a while.