Fortunate Buddha Slots

Fortunate Buddha Slots is a machine created by Real time gaming that has a lot going for it from the beginning. Not only is that evident by the game's stunning visuals, but also their plethora of jackpots to try for. As always, make sure to look at the loading screen to get an idea of what the goals are for the game. You will find a little information on the jackpots, along with some pretty visuals. Once the game loads, you will be transported to a peaceful meadow with a unique hue of color in the sky. The trees are a brilliant shade of purple and tower to the very top of the screen. To the left of the machine, you will see a mini, minor, central, grand, and super grand jackpot that can be triggered by certain combinations. The reel is a 5×3 with 50 different pay lines to win from. As always, make sure to click the information button on the bottom left of the machine to get a better idea of all the game's features, jackpots, and what each symbol can pay out. There is also an autoplay feature that allows you to run the game automatically while you step away from the action for a bit.

Free spins, Fortune orbs, and other mini-games with Fortunate Buddha slots.

The visuals for Fortunate Buddha are up there with some of the best, but the gamblers reading will want to know precisely what they are getting out of this? The answer to that question is a lot of things! For example, one feature the game offers are fortune orbs. If six of these happen to land on the machine during a spin, you are in for something wild. The feature will continue until you either run out of spins or orbs fill the board, and you can collect your jackpot! If the screen does fill with these orbs, you will win a jackpot so watch out for that! There are also scatters, which will award you six free games if you happen to accumulate three of them on the board at one time! These free spins happen a little bit more than on other machine games, making it worth it if you are looking for something that won't destroy your bank account.

Fortunate Buddha doesn't have the best betting options.

As much as Fortunate Buddha Slots has everything going for it in the looks department, that doesn't translate to the gambling aspect. Unfortunately for those looking for some jackpot hunting, your betting range is between 0.50 cents and 5.00 dollars. While it will allow users to slowly rack up a lump sum if they play their spins right, it's far from the kind of stuff you will see on other slot machines. Furthermore, to get one of the jackpots mentioned at the beginning of the review, you have to be in Orb of fortune mode. If you land all 15 orbs, you are rewarded the machine's jackpot. Get a smaller amount of orbs, and you can nab one of their smaller jackpots. It still just doesn't seem all that worth it with the low betting range.