Khrysos Gold Slots

Khrysos Gold Slots is a machine game developed by Realtime Gaming with many exciting bells and whistles. While this might look like an ordinary game with a greek theme, it has various features that pat it out. It's less of a game and more of an experience. Complete with sound effects, graphics, free spins, and some juicy jackpots. As always, read the instruction page at the bottom left of the screen to better understand the game. This will be particularly helpful for this one due to the immense amount of different things this game offers.

Basics of Khrysos Gold Slots

Khrysos Gold Slots features a 5×3 reel and 25 pay lines that users can win a nice chunk of change on. The background of the wheel features greek statues, an ancient building that morphs into the machine, and what looks like an ethereal glow at the top of the screen to give you the feeling of a divine presence. Once you get past the aesthetics and the basic specs, you will probably want to know that you can bet between 0.50 cents and 20.00 dollars per spin. This isn't the biggest max bet you can find on the internet but is suitable for those that want to live a little on the wild side without breaking the bank. Another thing you will like about this game is the jackpot, which stands at 1,00,00,00 dollars if you hit the max bet. Even if you don't hit that lofty sum, there is still a minor, major, and grand jackpot to enjoy.

Special features to enjoy on Khryos Gold slots.

Khryos gold slots is a slot machine game at its core, but it comes with some tantalizing features to keep the action going. One example is slippery wilds which act as a scatter and move down the reel every spin. It is used to complete combinations on the wheel and get you some of that payout money. For added fun with this feature, more scatters can be added to the board with every spin. This means you can have a great deal wild on the board and achieve some pretty cool combinations for payouts. Then there is the morphing feature in this game. While not available on every slot machine on the internet, this feature allows an entire reel of the wheel to be turned into wilds for big payouts. This also triggers slippery wilds as well. A morphing can only be triggered when a wild symbol lands behind a slippery wild symbol on the board.

Final thoughts on Khrysos Gold slots

This game does a lot right and can be very rewarding for users to play. The abundance of features and ways to collect big payouts is otherworldly. The graphics are pretty possible. The betting range is decent enough to waste some time on, and the maximum payout is worth a shot too. There are also the aforementioned minor, major, and grand jackpots, which will keep you in the game longer. It's a fun game to play and get lost in if you have the time.