Sweet 16 Blast! Slots

Sweet 16 Blast slots is a machine game powered by real-time gaming that will give you a sugar rush while you work towards the jackpot. The screen is bright and colorful, which might make you lower the lighting settings on your computer. The background comes with moving clouds, gum drop mountains, and a reel full of little candies. The wheel is a 5×6 with a few unique features that aren't available on every machine. One example is the bonus bet feature that allows you to increase the chances of a free spin happening. This is done by increasing the amount of scatters that can land on the board at any time. Another unique feature the game offers is the opportunity to buy free spins. This might sound counterintuitive initially, but the free spin triggers other features and multipliers that could double your winnings. Once you click the button, you will be asked to enter a betting amount that determines how much you will pay for the free spins. For example, to buy free spins at 0.20 cents, one must buy 20 dollars worth of free spins. As always, check out the instructions at the bottom left of the screen to be aware of everything this game offers.

Sweet 16 Blasts has a wicked jackpot.

There's something about a good jackpot on machine games that makes them all the more fun to play. You can sit back, relax and dream of hitting it big. Even if you don't, the high of chasing it is somehow enough to satiate that thirst. Furthermore, you will hopefully have made some cash from your experience and don't come away too far in the hole. Speaking of the jackpot, it is 50,000x the maximum bet. This means that at a minimum of 0.20 cents, you can make $10,0000. Want to go for the big payout? Bet the maximum of $25.00, and you can make over a cool million. While this isn't the most significant betting range on the internet, it is enough to make that jackpot look lucrative.

Final thoughts on Sweet 16 Blast slots

Sweet 16 blast slots are everything you would expect given the name. The machine utilizes the theme seamlessly and creates a semi-immersive experience to enjoy. The betting range is fun enough to put some skin in the game, and the bonus bet feature adds spice to the deal. There is also the buy feature, which won't be for everyone. However, there is a way to come out on top if you are lucky enough in that situation. As with most machines, the game offers an auto-play function that lets you play up to 100 automated spins. This game is worth checking out and seeing what you can win from it. The game has that something extra to it.