Ghost Ship Slots

Ghost ship slots is a machine game created by real-time gaming that invites gamblers to explore haunted waters with a group of pirates sure to frighten you. There is no loading screen for this game, so be prepared to be dropped right into the action upon clicking the play button. As always, check out the instructions page on the bottom left of the machine, which will give you crucial details about how to play the game. Once getting a chance to take in their surroundings, gamblers will notice what seems to be some forest overlooking a deep expanse of water. The board features a variety of exciting character tiles and animations that enhance the spooky atmosphere of the experience. For example, the wild character features a pirate ghost that shoots a rifle if you land on it. There are also treasure chest tiles, mermaids made of marble, and a cannon for good measure! While this game admittedly doesn't have a lot going for it. More on that later! There does exist a certain charm that makes the machine fun to play. Even just for a little while

Not much betting range here and a lackluster jackpot with Ghost ships

As many interesting visual features that Ghost Ship slots have, it doesn't exactly make up for its loss of gambling options. Of course, there are free game features, which will be discussed later, but the rewards are pretty piddly here. In fact, the jackpot is 50,000x the maximum bet, which some would find tempting. Unfortunately for those looking to hit that ever enticing spin button, the maximum bet per spin is a whopping 6.25. That means if someone wins the jackpot on that betting setting, they stand to make only around 312,000. If you want to be conservative thought and bet the minimum of 0.25 cents, you can win about 12,500. Now, none of this is to knock Ghost ships by any means; it is just an honest assessment that will help gamblers decide whether they want to take a chance or not.

Special features redeem Ghost ship a bit

Ghost Ship Slots might have a lackluster betting range and jackpot, but they do have some exciting features to play with. The first of these is the scatter feature, which is triggered when three or more tiles appear on the board. Two free games are rewarded to users for each ghost pirate and ghost ship found on the board, giving users a chance to play with the house's money for a bit. Another brilliant feature is that if four or five scatters end up on the machine, a user could be rewarded with double their winnings. That's not all, though. The game also offers 5x your winnings during scatter-free play if you land five of them to trigger the mode. All in all, it's probably not one for jackpot hunters or those looking to make bank, but Ghost Ships does serve as an exciting experience